Here is the great Matt Bednarsky's original "Let's Cuddle" being performed by Matt and Dylan, Ryan and Mike Donnarummo of MVD Music Studio. To learn more about Matt's music please visit

Music Studio

A 14 year old trumpet student plays 'I Dreamed a Dream" with Mike playing piano. Informal Winter Concert. 

A fourteen year old student of MVD Music Studio plays Liebestr√§ume by Franz Liszt during our Spring Recital.

A 9 year old piano student plays Knight Rupert by Robert Schumann. Spring Recital.  

Michael V. Donnarummo

Student Videos

These videos were taken through the course of several recitals. At MVD Music Studio students are given the opportunity to participate in 3 concerts and recitals a year. 

Also on this page you will find Mike Donnarummo and his students playing with Mike's lifelong friend and Nashville singer/songwriter Matt Bednarsky.