Music Studio

Michael V. Donnarummo

12 Noon

Ava P.
Giuliana B.
Brianna P.
Liriana N.
Benjamin S.
Sophia S.
Lila C.
Mia C.
Sebastian S.
Zachary H.
Kayla P. 
Carolann M.
Kylee T.
Michelle H.


Robert Q.
Samuel G.
Ryan M.
Nicholas C.
Sofia G. 
Andrew O. 
John Q. 
Leah S.
Justin O.
Julia K.
Justin C.
Andrew S.
Desmond S.
Nico M.

Hello Friends! This year I have chosen to have 3 concerts. 9:30am, 12 Noon and 2pm. Your student will participate in one of the concerts. 

Location: Huntington United Methodist Church, 338 Walnut Tree Hill Rd. Shelton, CT. 

Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for children (non students). *A portion will be donated to a children's charity. I will be starting to collect ticket sales at lessons on January 18. 


Jay K.
Joseph T.
Emilia T.
Catherine T.
Ryker P.
Ava S.
Alexis R.
Keller H. 
Krishiv P.
Vivienne M.
Emily R.
Anthony R.
Alexander B.
Karina F.
Vanessa L.